A Joyful Hanukkah

Written By: Charles - Nov• 27•21

Samain and the Holiseason Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Tara. Workout yesterday. Feeling good. Rigel sniffing around up here. Ham. Stuffing. Lox. Latkes. Brisket. Chicken Soup. Chicken Pot Pies. A full refrigerator. Alan. The Weekend. No workouts. Dry Weather. Drought. Wildfire. Prostate Cancer. Myriad Genetics. Kep. Lying outside in the cold air. Happy.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Hanukkah

Tarot: Four of Arrows: Rest, The Guardian, #15, The Sun of Life, #19  wildwood tarot


Question: What do I need to know to make Hanukkah joyous?


What to avoid: OK. This one stumped me at first. The Four of Arrows. Rest. So I read further. It can signal a time of anxiety and stress from which we need rest. It can also signal trying too hard in a relationship, pushing the other away. In order to transform into the beautiful Butterfly I need to avoid being anxious about Sunday. Simple as that. If I can do that, and I can, it will flow.


The Issue: The Guardian, #15 of the Major Arcana. The Wildwood Tarot Guardian replaces the Rider-Waite decks’ Devil with the skeleton of a Cave Bear. The Bear guards the entrance to our inner darkness, our fears and prejudices, our deep concerns about worthiness, even the inner pathway to the Otherworld. I live on Shadow Mountain, atop the burden of the occult.

Our family ripped open, fault lines ready to move. The death of our matriarch, the anima. Hanukkah, a festival of the light, offers us a chance, as did Thanksgiving, to confront the Guardian, show him our fears of family disruption, even dissolution. And gain the rich power of fears felt together, of fear turned into psychic power, enough power to sew a new quilt with the remainder of our lives. May it be so.


Action to Take:  “A symbol of the power of light and fertility, The Sun Of Life represents blessings, joy, health, and emotional harmony. Like the bright rays illuminating the darkness in your heart and life, The Sun of Life reaches deep within you and energizes your soul. This is the time for your sun to radiate the world around you, bringing warmth, light, and harmony to others.” tarotx

Be the Sun of Life. Avoid giving in to anxiety and stress, go past the Guardian into the dark cave of my inner world and face my fears, then burst out of the blackness filled with joy, with sunny fertility, with the joy of creativity.

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