The Weekend Ahead

Beltane                                   Waxing Planting Moon

Today will see planting under the planting moon:  tomatoes and peppers, alyssum and butternut squash.  Unless it’s too breezy and/or stays rainy this will also be a bee day, too.  I have to continue reversing Colony 1’s hive boxes until July, check the feeder pail in the package colony and replace the new hive box I put on Colony 2.  Part of my deal with the woodenware assembler (Kate) is that I put foundations in the frames and drill my own one inch hole in the hive boxes.  Oops.  Put a hive box on without a hole.  Shouldn’t be a problem to swap it out with a new on in which I have cut a hole.

Gotta head over to Northern Tool right now and pick up the wagon that we’ll use the garden tractor will pull.  We have a young man, Ray, earning money for college.  Which turns out to mean, I think I wrote earlier, trade school.  He mows the lawn so we can change up the lawn tractor and let it become a donkey.  Back in the day I moved garden material myself with a wheelbarrow or we had sons here to do it, but now we’re going to use mechanical help.

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