Well, You See, Officer…

Beltane                                   Waxing Strawberry Moon

Every once in a while the universe reaches out and shakes you a bit.  Just to make sure you’re paying attention.  In this case the universe came into my life via a Roseville policeman who pulled me over for a passing violation.  I was guilty, guilty, guilty.  Here’s the message from the universe:  Slow down, take a breath, get there when you get there.

As a German influenced guy, punctuality is important to me, perhaps too important.  In my desire to make it to a meeting when road construction had already made being on time unlikely I passed a woman on Rice Street by going out in the turning lane.  It had a clear yellow stripe and under normal circumstances I would never done anything quite that stupid. But I wanted to get there on time.

“In a hurry this morning?”  The nice man in blue asked.  Yep.


After that further delay, I spent the morning at the Minnesota Environmental Partnership in a brainstorming meeting about energy policy issues for the upcoming elections and legislature.  I had volunteered to fill in for Margaret Levin, executive director of the Northstar chapter of the Sierra Club, so some of it went over my head, but it was fun to sit with a bunch of very bright people sifting through routes to a sustainable energy future.

When that meeting finished at noon, I drove (sedately) over to Minneapolis to the Rainbow Chinese restaurant on Nicollet and had lunch with several docent colleagues.  That was a definite switch in tone, though it was still a group of bright folks.  After lunch we all went over to the Art Institute for a lecture on the Matteo Ricci map of the world recently purchased by the James Ford Bell museum at the University of Minnesota.

Now I’m home blogging for the Star-Tribune as a parade of thunder storms march across our area.

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