Up at the crack of 11

Samhain                                          Waning Thanksgiving Moon

Up at the crack of 11.  Kate and I went down to Pappy’s cafe for breakfast/brunch.  Pappy’s has a blue collar clientele and we got there just as the post church crowd came in, folks wearing suits for one time in the week, women with that fancy bag and new sweater, everyone looking serious and relieved at the same time, serious that they’d done their duty, relieved that its was over for another week.  Faith is a complex network of acts and activities, some metaphysical and some purely physical.  Dressing up and showing others you both know how and can afford to falls on the physical side.  It reinforces, though, the critical importance of Sunday, of Christianity or Judaism or Islam.  That reinforcement continues in prayer, reading of holy books, considering religious prescriptions and proscriptions.  What we would call a closed hermeneutical circle, meaningful and profound from within, suspect and thin seen from without.

I’m about to head in for a nap, clear my thoughts with sleep.

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