Dreaming of the Far Away

Winter                                                  Waning Moon of the Cold Month

With Kate now retired, life has taken on a different, more relaxed rhythm.  She’s not hurrying to get ready for work, nor is she coming home tired, neck, back and hip on fire.  We don’t have that churn created by the world of busy, earn, comply, obey.  Both of us have an easier day, though we’re not quite used to what to do with evenings yet since that was her work time and my workout, end the day time.  We’ll get a new flow, one that will change with the seasons as the garden and the bees begin to demand more and more time, then subside as fall ushers in another round of senescence and transitions back to the cold, fallow months.

Travel is the one real potential budget wrecker we have.  I had some misspent time this afternoon looking at the National Geographic Expeditions catalog.  Gee, for only $65,000 a person you can fly around the world, stopping in exotic places along the way, staying in 5-star hotels including the Raffles Hotel D’Angkor in Siem Reap. I know that place, $500 a night and a hell of a good afternoon tea.  My $35 a night place was just fine, thank you.  Cheaper food, too.  That Amazon River cruise looked

Have to sign off now for the Legislative Committee conference call.