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Imbolc                                        Waxing Wild Moon Sitting smack in the middle of the continent mother nature’s worst usually passes us by and heads instead for coastal regions, islands, the ring of fire or arid areas.  Chile.  Hilo, Hawai’i. Kobe, Japan.  Miami or … Continue reading

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Imbolc                                       Full Wild Moon Earthquakes.  Great and terrible.  They fascinate me, as do volcanoes and tsunami. As you look at this scale, notice that it goes up logarithmically, not geometrically.  An 8.5 is 5 billion tons of tnt while a … Continue reading

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Imbolc                                            Waxing Wild Moon The moon hangs, almost full, high in the southeastern sky tonight, Orion off to the west, heading toward his fade out from winter, small glints of ancient light on an equally ancientrail through the universe.  He’ll … Continue reading

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Imbolc                                Waxing Wild Moon Bill Schmidt made me aware of this video:  Muslim Demographics.  He included the link to it within the Snopes website: If you’re not familiar with Snopes, it tracks down information on claims made in videos, … Continue reading

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Imbolc                                          Waxing Wild Moon Marriage has some of the tango, some of the waltz and quite a bit of rock and roll.  Over the years of our marriage Kate and I have learned to dance to our music, to the … Continue reading

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