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Written By: Charles - Feb• 26•10

Imbolc                                            Waxing Wild Moon

The moon hangs, almost full, high in the southeastern sky tonight, Orion off to the west, heading toward his fade out from winter, small glints of ancient light on an equally ancientrail through the universe.  He’ll be back next year.

A little bit of short track, a hunk of bobsled and that was all the olympics for me tonight.  I watched State of Play, a not too bad movie with Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren.  It had its convolutions, turning around near the end, coming out headed in the reverse direction of its beginning.  That was fun.

I also watched the pilot for Caprica, the show set 58 years before the Cylon destruction of the Colonies, the beginning of the recently ended Battlestar Galactica series.  I was skeptical.  The clever plotting and strong characters of its parent would not be matched in this spinoff.  I was wrong.

In the pilot they show the origin of the Cylon centurions and the “skin-job” robots of which there are many copies. It comes from the arrogation of creative power by a young girl and her charge ahead without thinking Dad.  She’s killed and he wants to be bring her back through use of a software program she designed to replicate a person.  It’s in that process that the Cylon’s begin.  It’s a good, believable and original way to get to the revolution that began Galactica.

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