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Planting Done As Planting Moon Wanes

Beltane                                              Waning Planting Moon Almost all of the seeds and transplants have gone in the ground with the exception of succession plantings of beets, lettuce and carrots.  I have butternut squash to plant and that will go in today.  After … Continue reading

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Goya’s Ghosts

Beltane                                 Full Planting Moon I often see movies well past their sell-by date.  Tonight, for instance, I got around to seeing Goya’s Ghosts, a Milo Foreman piece from 2006.  This has Javier Bardem, Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgaard as Goya.  … Continue reading

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The Residue of Sacred Time

Beltane                                           Full Planting Moon I’ve done some weeding, well, a good bit of weeding, but the heat, now 89 and direct, drove me back inside.  At least the dew point is reasonable, but over 80 and I begin to wilt.  … Continue reading

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Planting During the Full Planting Moon

Beltane                                    Full Planting Moon Ah, the sweet feel of being in synch with the moon.  I planted Scarlet Nantes carrots and golden beets amongst the green onions and the radicchio.  Threw in a few zinnias for good measure.  Next in … Continue reading

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