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Will Wonders Never Cease?

Summer                                                                   Woolly Mammoth Moon Happy to report that the two friends with critical life moments had good news, one through medical surveillance and one through a lifetime of work brought into clear focus. May the congregation say, Amen. Or, blessed … Continue reading

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Sweet. So, so sweet.

Summer                                                                  Woolly Mammoth Moon Oh. Sometimes the sweetness of life becomes palpable. More and more of late. Not drowned out by the drumbeat of illness, family struggle, heat it underscores that life, our lives, are moveable feasts. The meaning of … Continue reading

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Fire Weather

Summer                                                                            Woolly Mammoth Moon It’s late June and we have a spate of hot, dry, sometimes windy weather ahead of us. In spite of the rains over the last week or so, the fire danger has remained high and this … Continue reading

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Sharpening Doubt

Summer                                                                         Woolly Mammoth Moon “Tis a Fearful Thing ‘Tis a fearful thing to love what death can touch. A fearful thing to love, to hope, to dream, to be – to be, And oh, to lose. A thing for fools, … Continue reading

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The Emersonian Turn

Summer                                                                     Woolly Mammoth Moon Well, it’s incremental. Down from 14:59 to 14:58 today but the needle has begun to move. By the end of the month daylight will have decreased to 14:56, but, by the end of July, to 14:16. … Continue reading

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Sundays are strange

Summer                                                                          Woolly Mammoth Moon After talking with Ruth yesterday I created an instagram account. Surprised to see that several people I know already have one. Probably spells doom for the tweener and teenager use of it. They understandably like platforms … Continue reading

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100 no’s, 5 days, and life grounds

Summer                                                                       Woolly Mammoth Moon After the Durango trip, during which I read three articles I’d saved for down time, I made two decisions. First, I would shoot for 100 rejections in 2018. I just submitted Missing to Parvus Press and … Continue reading

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A Family of Introverts

Summer                                                                              Woolly Mammoth Moon Took Gabe to see Avengers: The Infinity War. We both liked it a lot. At various times I have the aesthetics of a 10 year old, a 12 year old and a long time museum docent. … Continue reading

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