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Sigh. O.F. alert

Summer                                                                Monsoon Moon OK. Old guy here. Kate was going in to pick up the grandkids this morning for a couple of days stay here. “Where are the car keys?” “Hmm. Don’t know. Let me find them.” Not where I … Continue reading

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Weather. Travel dilemma.

Summer                                                                              Monsoon Moon Want to use a weather widget on my website. I have from time to time, but somehow they get corrupted, get discontinued, fail to work. The one I have now, Willy Weather, is easy to use, attractive … Continue reading

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Mary, Mark, Superior Wolf

Summer                                                                         Monsoon Moon Brother Mark drove up yesterday. He’s back in the U.S.A., back in the U.S.A. He loves being in his home country, but he doesn’t love the price of life here. Definitely cheaper in Southeast Asia. He’s a … Continue reading

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Summer                                                                 Monsoon Moon Riding in the future. Carpooled into Denver yesterday with Alan, in his Tesla Model S. It’s very wide display screen shows a map with your route laid out. It also shows buttons for radio, podcasts, particular stations. … Continue reading

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Monarch of the Mountain Spirits

Summer                                                                            Monsoon Moon Kate’s getting hammered again by Sjogrens or illness or some very difficult to identify g.i. tract problem. She’s tough and resilient, my new favorite virtue, but, geez. She shouldn’t have to prove it so often. Get to … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

Summer                                                                                Monsoon Moon Finished entering the edits for Superior Wolf, 3.0. I have three plot points to resolve, none of them major. Next step is to craft a query letter, then submit it to an agent. I have a local, … Continue reading

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Tor Returns

Summer                                                                               Monsoon Moon Had an interesting dream last night. Tor, a 190 pound Irish Wolfhound, and a very sweet boy, had run away from home. I don’t recall the context, but I was doing something away from home, including yet … Continue reading

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You know what?

Summer                                                                           Monsoon Moon Incidentally, you have aortic atherosclerosis. But, no arthritis in the sacroiliac joints. Oh, well, thanks. X-ray results. Learning to flinch a bit when I get x-ray reports since the last two have had incidental findings. They’re not … Continue reading

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