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One Toke Over the Line Sweet Moses

Lughnasa                                                          Waning Summer Moon The loft is clean. Sandy does such a great job. And, she does it while living with the after effects of two brain surgeries and the yet remaining tumor which necessitated a round of radiation to … Continue reading

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Alan, demyelination, days with no nausea

Lughnasa                                                            Waning Summer Moon Alan came over for work on the religious school lesson plans. Kate made her oven pancakes (always delicious) and Alan told us stories about early Jewish Denver. West Colfax (think Lake Street) between Federal and Sheridan … Continue reading

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The Queen of Shadow Mountain, Spliffs, Spring Rolls

Lughnasa                                                                     Waning Summer Moon Kate’s birthday present came yesterday. It has excellent lumbar and neck support, plus it inclines with the press of a small lever. She’s the queen of Shadow Mountain. Went down the hill yesterday to the Native … Continue reading

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Ancora imparo

Lughnasa                                                                      Waning Summer Moon The full Waning Summer Moon hung just above Black Mountain yesterday, so I watched as it disappeared behind the peak. It surprised me how fast it sank. I watched only for 2, maybe 3 minutes, then … Continue reading

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The Weekend

Lughnasa                                                                              Waning Summer Moon Up and out the door too early yesterday to write, too tired when I got home around 5:30. A long day. An education training session at Temple Emmanuel in Denver. A huge building, lots of cash … Continue reading

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Bees, Nausea, Beth Evergreen

Lughnasa                                                                     Waning Summer Moon At 7 I’m off to Evergreen to Rich Levine’s. We’re going to harvest honey from one honey super and try to use the flow hive. The flow hive is an invention by an Australian beekeeper that … Continue reading

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Gifts. All day long.

Lughnasa                                                                Waning Summer Moon What gifts did I get yesterday? The first question before I go to sleep. Woke up, emerged from unconsciousness to consciousness. Breathed the whole night long. Kate was next to me, sleeping, my partner. Kepler was, … Continue reading

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Comfy chairs, Elk, Feeling Dull

Lughnasa                                                              Waning Summer Moon Selling out wall to wall for remodeling! How could we resist? Kate needed a comfortable chair, the old and worn Swedish model no longer matches up with the curve of her back and her head lowered … Continue reading

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A True North

Lughnasa                                                                Waning Summer Moon Still thinking about the north. In 1969 Judy and I left Connersville, Indiana, headed toward Appleton, Wisconsin. In my mind the landscape would be pine trees, glistening lakes, deer, lots of people in plaid shirts. Maybe … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                                                      Waning Summer Moon Reading two books right now, The Stranger in the Woods and Northland. They are oddly complementary. Northland recounts a three-year long journey by the author following the northern border across the U.S. It starts in Maine. … Continue reading

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