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Fall                                                                                Harvest Moon Quick note. Bleeding continues. Failed attempt last night to stop the bleeding with an embolization procedure. So. Surgery this morning, a bowel resection. I’m heading in right now. 6:30 a.m. Went in last night, got back about … Continue reading

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Fall                                                                          Harvest Moon So. A source of the bleed, diverticulitis. Probably multiple episodes over the years. Good news. To come home she still has to get her hemoglobin up and may have a surgical procedure related to the diverticuli and … Continue reading

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Kate News

Fall                                                                                 Harvest Moon Yesterday was tough. Kate’s still losing blood. She spent most of the day yesterday, from about 6:30 am to 2:30, in the E.R. They’re short of beds and wanted to see which department was the best for … Continue reading

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Fall                                                                                 Harvest Moon Took Kate into the E.R. this morning. Unexplained blood loss, enough to make her woozy. May have exceeded the speed limit occasionally. When she got there, a good team took care of her and her color brightened. … Continue reading

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I want to be: an Olympic gymnast, a music producer, winner of LeMans

Fall                                                                   Harvest Moon The waning gibbous harvest moon hangs over Black Mountain this morning. A blue, blue sky contrasted by green and gold at the mountain’s peak. Night time temperatures have fallen below 40 so there’s a distinct chill in … Continue reading

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Mostly Musical

Fall                                                                         Harvest Moon Wow. Had a lot on my mind yesterday. Sorry about the length. More yet, too. Anyhow. Met with Tara yesterday. Director of Education at Beth Evergreen. I said, Help. She gave me lots of ideas on classroom … Continue reading

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Back of the Vehicle Semiotics: A Continuing Search

Fall                                                                            Harvest Moon A Subaru yesterday with three bumper stickers: Be Kind. Hiker. And, “Not a Native, but I got here as fast as I could.” printed on the familiar green with white mountains bumper sticker that often announces so-called … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                                             Harvest Moon Tomorrow we peek over the transom toward the fallow season. Six more weeks of harvest,  the heart of the harvest season is now, then Samain, summer’s end. Up here the temperature cooled off overnight and we’re at … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                                                     Harvest Moon Being an expatriate is unfamiliar territory to most citizens of all nations on earth. Though we were a nomadic species in our early development, political changes have tended to wed people to a place and its boundaries. … Continue reading

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