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How do we know?

Spring                                                                                 Rushing Waters Moon Kate was in the dentist’s chair for 3 hours. Four crown preps. All that drilling. Exhausting. She has temporaries on now. May 13 she gets the actual crowns. Much shorter visit. Snow much less than predicted. … Continue reading

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Long. Strange.

Spring                                                                      Rushing Waters Moon We hit month 7 since Kate’s bleed yesterday. (To quote the Grateful Dead.) Procedures and imaging. Trips to the emergency room. Trips to doctors. The gradual shift in roles at home. Things have gotten clearer, some … Continue reading

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Yet more

Spring                                                                                Rushing Waters Moon Asked Kate yesterday how she feels about my cancer reemergence. “It’s not real to me yet. I’m still dealing with my own stuff.” Yeah. She’s got a lung diagnosis yet to be made and an assessment … Continue reading

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At the Jabbok Ford

Spring                                                                      Rushing Waters Moon Phone call today from buddy Tom Crane. In referring to the current kerfuffle within my body, those cancer cells, he said I was “wrestling with a dark angel.” That is so. Yet what it called to … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                          Rushing Waters Moon Took Kate out for errands yesterday. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. She went into the goldsmiths and got a new battery for her mercury dime-faced watch. I parked, came in and found … Continue reading

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A Difference Maker for My Heart

Spring                                                                              Rushing Waters Moon Back to mussar yesterday. First time in quite a while. It was a gift, as was the minyan for Debra Copes’ mother’s memorial the night before. Odd though, in both instances. I find myself an insider … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                     Rushing Waters Moon Cancer seems to move the wheels of medicine a bit faster than other things. My axumin scan will happen on May 14th. A radioactive molecule of an amino acid, leucine, cancer cells take up axumin “avidly” … Continue reading

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No to impeachment

Spring                                                                             Rushing Waters Moon Jupiter hangs west of the Rushing Waters Moon while Antares sits below it, also to the west. Black Mountain has a faint reddish glow as  dawn sun pushes up the Shadow Creek valley. In this light … Continue reading

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