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Spring                                                                             Recovery Moon First, it’s not about gypsies. Roma is a neighborhood in Mexico City. Second, it’s not a thriller, or a mystery, or a comedy (except perhaps of manners), or a drama. It’s not fantasy, anime, or horror. I … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                          Recovery Moon The recovery moon has begun to wane, but not before both Kate and me have made significant gains. Kate’s weight is up and her spirits have gone up with it. My mucus glands seem to have gotten … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                              Recovery Moon Picked up sister-in-law BJ at DIA yesterday. She’s an experienced traveler with a single roll-on bag and bright blue, hard-shelled case which carries her violin. It goes everywhere with her, including in to Sushi Win for lunch. … Continue reading

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That One Time

Spring                                                                             Recovery Moon Abiogenesis: the original evolution of life or living organisms from inorganic or inanimate substances. Just learned this word today. It was in an article that debunked the likelihood of other intelligent, tool-using, space-faring intelligent beings. Unconvincing to … Continue reading

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Spring                                                                         Recovery Moon Ooff. Beware what you wish for. Got back to working out yesterday. Huffing and puffing. Resting between sets. My legs were rubbery when I left the gym and this morning when I got out of bed. Detrained. … Continue reading

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The Mountain Way

Spring                                                                                 Recovery Moon Kate’s sister BJ comes tomorrow for the weekend. She and her s.o. Schecky were out here in September, a planned visit to see our house, but they came the day Kate went into the hospital. They took … Continue reading

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This. That.

Spring                                                                         Recovery Moon We hit 58 yesterday, predicted 60 today. Snow piles melting, but plenty of snow remains in our north facing backyard. I took a chance on the ice dams, hoping they’d disappear before any damage was done. Not … Continue reading

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She Does a Slow Reveal

Spring                                                             Recovery Moon Each night Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, and other stars of the northern sky orbit around Sirius, the pole star, doing their dance through and just above the lodgepole pines visible outside our bedroom window. Cassiopeia, like a shy … Continue reading

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What Will I Do?

Spring                                                                              Recovery Moon Go now, the illness has ended. Feeling 95%. Still something in my lungs, not much. So seven weeks after the molasses filled drive back from Denver, I feel able. Still got workouts and stamina to increase, but … Continue reading

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Ruach. Breath. Wind. Spirit.

Spring                                                                  Recovery Moon Head. Mostly clear. Lungs. Mostly clear. I’m beginning to feel the illness bidding me goodbye. So long, it was good to know ya. Nah, it wasn’t. And don’t come back, please. Kate continues to show steady, if … Continue reading

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