Mini-Golf, Cruising South America, Driving Too Much

Mid-Summer                                                  Waxing Honey Flow Moon

Up at 7:15.  Worked out.  Grabbed breakfast.  Showered.  Drove to Big Stone Mini-Golf for a unique experience with two very experienced artists, at work in a large play ground for their ideas.

On the way back stopped into Minnetonka Travel in downtown Wayzata to finish paying for the cruise.  Wrote a big check.  Fussing with details like visas, changes to air transportation and setting up  a couple of nights in Rio took 2 full hours.

By that time there wasn’t enough flex in my schedule to drive back to Andover (in rush hour going the wrong way), then turn around and make it over to the Sierra Club by 6 pm for a meeting, so I drove into Minneapolis and had lunch/dinner at the Java Restaurant.

Just got back home.  Weary.  Tomorrow.