Artists at Play

Mid-Summer                                                       Waxing Honey Flow Moon

Big Stone Mini-Golf.    Is a rocky, quirky, beautiful, rambling, homey chunk of land where two artists play.  He, Bill, a motion metal artist, successful in his twenties and she, Heidi, a sculptress, moved to this plot of land in Minnestrista several years ago and set about adding a 13 hole mini-golf course that includes huge slabs of granite sprinkled here and there around the holes, a metal dragonfly bench, a hole with stone pumpkins and metal leaves for seats, a covered hole created by an upturned Chris Craft metal hull and lit by the colorful, extruded remains of a old eyeglass frames.  This last is oddly peaceful and chapel-like.

The fire pit consists of chunks of granite maybe 10 irregular feet in circumference and ten to twelve feet high, all arranged in a circle ala stone henge complete with a capped pair.  Kids rent it out for birthday parties.  On around Bill has placed pieces of unusual rusted farm equipment on granite slabs, a sculpture park with Bill and Heidi’s work spaced out over a large area.  Bill designed and built their mutual gallery and studio, a tightly-fit log construction made from yard thick trunks.  He also created a whimsical garage from stone with a rounded wooden roof.

It’s a place you need to see to appreciate.  Follow this link and click on photos.

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