Fall                                                 Waxing Autumn Moon

I might have been a little hard on Kevan.  Or, maybe not.  Bankers, can’t live with’em, can’t live without’em.

These last few nights the sky has been glorious.  Draco has his head pointed down at the northern horizon, his tail flicking up high toward the east and toward the celestial pole.  Cassiopeia hangs above his head, her distended W a signature of the northern night.

Gertie, the Denver dog, escaped, twice today.  She headbutted Pam and snapped at some kids.  She’s not a safe dog with folks who are not in her head as family.  We’ve got to keep her in the yard.  The window washers left the grapeyard vine gate slightly open and that was enough for our Gert.  She wriggled through and was on her own.  Fortunately, she stayed in the yard.

We’re going to leave our dogs with Armstrong Kennels for forty days.  That’s the longest we will have ever been away from them.  It feels strange, but we’ve boarded dogs at Armstrong’s over the last 17 years and always had good experiences.  The dogs become part of their family while we’re gone and are glad to see us when we get back.


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