Orchard Installation Day 3


Plants in position.  This is a fruit tree with a guild of plants that will support it.  Guilds are a permaculture concept that I will explain later.


Paula Westmoreland, a principal in Ecological Gardens, at Day 3 start.


More trees and guilds with Christa in the background.


Lindsay Rebhan (kneeling) is another principal in Ecological Gardens.  Sean (back to photo), Reid (red hat) and Sara complete the crew that worked today and most of yesterday.


Kona and Emma inspect what the strangers have done to their yard.

At this point almost all the plants are in.  Remaining work involves putting down mulch, seeding clover and deciding on work we need to do yet this fall to get ready for the next push in the spring.  I’m watering the whole thing now and wrestling with uncooperative sprinkler heads.  Another learning opportunity.