Happy Either Way

63  bar steady 29.96  1mph S  dew-point 55  sunrise 7:17  set  6:45

First Quarter of the Blood Moon  rise 2:49 pm  set 11:08 pm

The Woollies met tonight at the Red Stag Inn.   The financial crunch was a topic of conversation.  Scott talked about national currencies and local currencies as stable economies.  One of us couldn’t take the ride and sold out last week into treasury certificates.  Not me.

We had an interesting conversation of what would happen if things go from bad to worse.  We realized we could provide mutual aid.  Minnesota has a great tradition of co-operative ventures and I think our commonweal could make the shift to barebones style of living.  It wouldn’t be easy, but it might surprise us.

Perhaps I’m too easily lulled to sleep by the people who think they know something, but so far I have not thought about jumping off even our deck.  In fact, I will not.  The money does not matter to me.  Living with Kate I have had access to a far richer life-style, both financially and emotionally, than I ever imagined I could have.  I’ve lived with little and a lot.  I can do either one and be happy.

We’ll see.