Written By: Charles - Apr• 28•12

Spring                                                           Beltane Moon

There is, too, always a let down after finishing a first draft.  All that time, writing novels for most of us takes at least 9 months, sometimes years, and stepping away feels like losing a friend, a close friend with whom you’ve hours of very intimate time.  Not there yet, but it’ll hit me tomorrow or Monday.


Also, the upside.  Staying with it.  Hefting the printed pages of the draft itself, a physical embodiment of the inside, the mind.  Having some free time, or, rather, time to do other things, things perhaps set aside while focusing on the writing.  In my case that will be reading, reading a number of books I have that I want to use in the Reimagining work.

Not sure where I’ll start.  Maybe that one on Emergence.

More morning time on Latin, too.  Accelerate my work over these next few months, get my proficiency up.

Then, too.  Digging, hive inspections, weed pulling, chain saw work.  Outdoor time.


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