Good News! Still Not Allergic to Bee Stings!

Written By: Charles - Jun• 26•12

Summer                                                      Under the Lily Moon


Bees working hard.  One slightly behind the other, though the more advanced (more brood in the second box) also has an inexplicably large number of drone cells.  Not sure what to make of it.

Picked cherries today.  Got about a dozen.  Not a big cherry year and many of the ones on the tree had some sort of fungus.

Moved our new, all steel firepit ring back to the firepit Mark dug out last year.  Need to bolt it up and we’re read for a fire.  Just as the temps head back to the 90’s.  Maybe not the best time to try it out.

To move the firepit Kate and I had to maneuver a fixed tire back on the wagon.  We have a heavy duty lawn tractor, a Simplicity called the Landlord.  Sort of an icky name for this renter organizer, but, hey.  It does the job.  Probably should paint over the damned thing.  Put an image of Artemis over it.

Moved to Book VIII of the Metamorphosis; this time the story of Philemon and Baucis.  Once again inspired to choose this passage by art.  The first history painting of Rembrandt’s bought by a US art collector is an illustration of this story.  Has made me begin to think about a book/research project digging up all the paintings and sculpture telling Ovid’s stories.  If it hasn’t been done, it would be fun.


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