Simplify, Declutter, Reorganize

Imbolc                                                                   Valentine Day

If these impulses have begun, can spring be far behind?

A day, two in fact, devoted to finishing the reorganization of my writing room and the garden study.  The garden study will become the central location for all of my art related books, files and folders.  The writing room will have material supportive of novels, short stories, marketing.  I’ve drug my feet on getting this done, focusing on the more immediate Latin or writing tasks I’ve had, but I need to get this work finished so I can settle into a long bout of revising and writing.

The urge to get cracking on the actual writing of Loki’s Children has begun to build and I’ve got all the Missing feedback from beta readers save one.  That means revising Missing will occupy large parts of my working time as well.  Need a space arranged to make that easy, both from a retrieval of information perspective and a non-cluttered, beautiful space perspective as well.

The question of what do with my passion for art post-MIA still occupies me.  I’ve come up with a few ideas, but none of them really click.  The trick may be that I really want to deepen my engagement with particular artworks, artists, styles, periods, movements.  That is, stop researching objects just enough to get six talking points, but go into historical and formal analysis with pieces, spending more focused time on fewer works.  That sounds like what I really want to accomplish now.

In a small way perhaps become an expert on something, like Symbolists, or pre-Raphaelites or contemporary art theory or Kandinsky or Beckmann.  This does help me think it through actually.  I’m yearning for a richer experience, an experience grounded in significant time with the art and its analysis.  How to do that?  I don’t know quite yet.

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