Salmon, Chess, Homeland

Imbolc                                                                  Bloodroot Moon

Kate cooked salmon with a wonderful glaze, cut green beans and a salad with orange, feta cheese, cubed cucumber, lettuce.  All excellent.

We discussed the first, basic aspects of chess tonight.  How to position the board, white on the right, and line up the pieces.  Then a brief lesson in how each piece moves.  The chess set is now on the end of the dining room table.  Kate’s never played.

I like chess because after determining who gets white nothing else involves chance.  It’s complexity appeals to me, too, but because it is complexity contained in space and time, complexity of a finite duration.  It defines well time devoted to the game and time outside the game.  Plus, no tee times.  No golf carts and no slices or hooks.

And, like good video streamers of the second decade of the third millennium we binge watched Homeland, finishing the thirteenth episode tonight with Clair Danes strapped down, medicated and receiving shock treatment–just as she remembers a key clue in the case of Sgt. Brody.  The downside of binge watching current programs is that after you finish you have to wait a year or more for the continuation.


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