Kona. Happy.

Spring                                                                               Planting Moon

Kona.  Wagging her tail.  Wagging her tail.  She hasn’t done that for months.  Months.  Maybe a couple of years.  With her tumor removed she’s bouncy and playful.  She even got up in my lap to sit for a bit, again something she hasn’t done in some time.

It’s this against the money for the Chicago trip.  I chose this and I’m glad.  To see her returned to a happy place, even for a few months.  Worth it.

The tumor was cancerous and it was an incomplete excision which means the tumor will grow back and the cancer is not gone, but it’s a slow grower and not focused on any organs, so she could well die of something else.

We have, over the last few years, chosen not to treat dogs with cancer, cancer that has metastasized.  Too expensive for too little result, especially in the giant breeds.  But Kona could live, at 12, to 15, so there was a future for her.  That of course is for tomorrow.

For today?  That tail.  And her smile.

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