Garage Sales

Written By: Charles - Apr• 16•09

Spring    Waning Seed Moon

In spring mom’s across the land turn their minds to Garage Sales!  The mom in this house has.  That means I’ve spent most of this warm, almost early summer day cleaning out the garage, sorting junk from stuff to sell and trying to make the to keep pile as small as possible.

I started though with planting 5 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, two of heirloom cucumbers and one heirloom tomatillo. They go in small soil + peat plugs, onto a warming mat and under the soothing light of a fluorescent lamp.

Afterward I pushed a broom in the garage and moved items from one place to another, a favorite task in spring.  The intent is to keep some of the things moving right on off the property.  We have the stuff of George Carlin’s famous sketch and we need a place to put it.  Or to get rid of it.

It is 71 right now.  71!

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