A Level Foundation

Spring                 Waning Seed Moon

This morning I leveled a foundation for the bee  hive.  Tomorrow I’ll paint the hive boxes and the base with a light colored latex paint and let them dry.   I also ordered a smoker and a hive tool from Mann Beekeeping Superstore in, of all places, Hackensack.  They should get here by Thursday.

Once I have the hive tool I’ll finish cleaning the frames and the hive-boxes of propolis.  After they’re cleaned up, I’ll assemble the first part of the hive on the foundation.  I need to lay in a supply of white sugar.  At that point I should be ready for the bees which will arrive this coming Saturday.

Will the dogs get too snoopy and get stung?  I hope not, but I think the hand on the hot stove learning curve will apply.  Daughter-in-law Jen has concerns about bees and I can understand that, no one wants to see kids get stung.  My general understanding is that American bee populations are not very aggressive to downright passive.  That is my experience with bees and bumble bees over several years in the garden.  I can work on flowers and plants while bees feed right beside me.  I have had no stings under those conditions.

Wasps, that’s another story.  It’s a good thing wasps don’t make honey.

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