Old Dogs

Beltane                                                   New (Summer) Moon

With the work in the garage I’ve tipped myself a bit more toward out door work, a struggle I get into at this time of year anyhow. My best working hours are in the morning, so I tend to use them for the work that seems most pressing. When the fallow season has dominance, coming down stairs to my computer and my books draws me. Once the growing season begins, and even more so with the International Ag Labs program which finds me up and spraying well before 8 am, I find a tug and pull begins to happen.

Life always comes first for me and when the plants need my attention, they get it. That allows avoidance patterns, like the ones around submitting my work, for instance, to flourish. Time to spray the plants. Time to thin the vegetables, plant new bulbs, amend the soil. That sort of thing. In fact, I have plenty of time in my day to get all this work done.

Over the last couple of years I’ve developed better patterns (old dogs can learn…), so I don’t expect this growing season to be quite so disruptive. As I’m writing this, another voice tickles me, in the move and just after it will be a good time to develop new habits. Yes, an advantage of leaving an old milieux.