The End of Masonry Forts

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Savannah Hilton Head Island International Airport

The rental car has returned to its stable, now a “dirty car” in the lingo of the rental car world.  The KIA was ok, but seemed a bit tinny to me.  Might have just been the crank windows, separately locked doors and no cruise control.

Ft. Pulawski on Cockspur Island covered the north and south shipping lanes into Savannah for the new American government, part of the Third build-out of forts to protect the east and gulf coast.

It fell into Confederate hands when the state of Georgia took it with state militia prior to its secession.

The role of Ft. Pulawski in military history is an odd one.  On April 10th, 1862 Union soldiers began a bombardment.  It used the usual smooth bore cannons and mortars largely to no affect.  There were however a few Parrot rifled cannons.  After a day of bombardment the Parrots broke down the seven foot thick masonry walls (bricks) and the next day projectiles began to strike near the powder magazine.  The Fort surrendered.

This spelled the end of masonry forts in military history.

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