Fried Foods. Enough.

Beltane         Waxing Dyan Moon

Folkston, Georgia           Gateway to the Okefenokee

The Okefenokee Restaurant is the place to eat in Folkston.  It has a country buffet.  When I looked at the fried entrees, I asked for a menu. It said, “We encourage you to try the buffet.”  This after a short menu of fried food.

There was however enough fruit and vegetables to satisfy me when I reinspected the buffet.  Hah.  After a week plus in the south, the sight of fried food has begun to have an aversive affect on me.

This is the area of Georgia known as the piney woods, the growth on the sandy soil here that is not swamp.  Some of it is the remains of an ancient barrier island, Trail Ridge, which forms the eastern boundary of the Okefenokee.  In the day of the barrier island the Okefenokee was a salt marsh protected from the Atlantic by the island.

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