The Sun! The Sun! The Sun!

Beltane            Waning Flower Moon’

Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Imagine the little guy on Fantasy Island.  If he were here on Hilton Head Island instead, he would be running around saying, “The Sun!  The Sun!  The Sun!”

Yes, on our last day here the sun has come out for the morning and it makes all the difference.  The gloomy, chill atmosphere of the last few days falls away and the Island takes on its vacation place cast.  Everything sparkles and the trees now provide shade rather than reinforcement for gray mornings.

I’m glad because it gives me a chance to see this place in all its parts, not only as it looks under the influence of a tropical depression.

It was laundry time today, so I drove over to a laundromat not far from here, washed clothes for the further journey to Panama City and the train ride home, then went to the Plantation Cafe for a true country breakfast.  All the while I marveled at the transformation created by the sun.  It is no wonder so many societies have worshipped that flaming presence in our sky.

Gray and gloom appeal to me in their place, such as a Minnesota early spring or late autumn, but when they defy sunny expectations their affect proves that much more intense.

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