Hi and Lo

Beltane      Waning Flower Moon

Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Cloudy again today.  Yesterday afternoon, for a couple of hours, the sun shone.  I just looked at the forecasts for Panama City.  Thunderstorms followed by thunderstorms.

It finally came to me yesterday why this weather looked so familiar.  It looks like the pre-hurricane footage from the weather channel.  And for good reason.  There is a tropical depression slowly twirling off the east coast of Florida.  Its northeast quadrant, around Jacksonville and the panhandle, has already dumped a lot of rain.  2 ft. in one location over two days!  Remember Florida barely has a grip on the surface;  a lot it will go early when the oceans rise.

As I worked out today on hard sand just above the surf racing ashore, I felt another of nature’s cycles, the tides.  They pull in and out four times a day, hi and lo.  These cycles remind us of the cycles in our own bodies and in our lives.

Last night at the Jazz Corner the crowd’s age showed in the gray heads dominating the room.  We are the outgoing tide for this generation of living humans.  We washed ashore in one of the biggest birth events in US history and we will go out as one of the biggest death events.  Cycles,spirals. Change.

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