Back in My Burrow in the Gopher State

Beltane                           Waxing Dyan Moon

3122 153rd Ave. NW, Minnesota, USA, the mind of God

Home again and good to be here.  A couple of extraneous posts still in the netbook and I’ll get them up today sometime.  There is a lot of work to do in the garden.  A lot.  So, I have to get to it.

Boy is it good to type on a full-sized keyboard again.  My netbook’s keyboard is 92% full size and great as small portables go, but nothing beats full-sized and split for ergonomics.

Wonderful weather, though dry.  The new work by ecological gardens is in and I still have to take in all that they did.  Gotta get out there and build a trellis and plant beans, then we’ll see what comes next.  Oh, and check on the bees.