Fall                                                                                 Fall Leaves Moon

The visible fence has switched on. This is our attempt to keep Gertie out of the orchard until we move. She has, of late, taken to digging out around the fruit trees. No, no, bad dog. The big girls, Vega and Rigel, dig happily everywhere, hunting for something or other underground and aided by our Greater Anoka Sand Plain soil. I’m thinking the Rockies might not prove so congenial. Actually, I’m hoping.

That mulberry limb, a large one blown over in a storm a month or so ago, finally got taken down today. A few strokes of the large pruning saw and it was on its way to the brush pile. We have many brush piles around the property, handy as places to put, well, brush, but also and more importantly as homes for critters.

Finally, more raspberry picking. The raspberry harvest lasts into October, often accomplished when frost is still on the leaves early in the morning. Not so today, however, with the temperature at 77 already. (11:45 a.m.)

A few small chores done, now the Sunday relaxation begins.