Singularity Already Here?

Summer                                                                  Healing Moon

On the way to a new breakfast place in Evergreen this morning our Garmin, Ophelia, lost the plot. We were hunting for the Lakeshore Cafe on Upper Bear Creek Drive. Ophelia took us over 5 miles on Upper Bear Creek Drive, which winds past some of the most expensive homes I’ve seen out here. Lots of stone and timbers and glass, a rushing Bear creek, wide expanses of stupid lawn and horses. Ophelia took us past Winter Gulch road, up a dead end road, then directed us up Yankee Drive, which was a dirt road winding uphill. Finally, at the end of Yankee Drive we came to a gate and that was that. We had to turn around, reverse field.

Turns out the Lakeshore Cafe, which we did find no thanks to Ophelia, was less than a thousand feet off Highway 74 on Upper Bear Creek Drive. In  hindsight I guess we should have suspected something when Evergreen Lake was far behind us, since a lakeshore cafe would probably have a lake view. But we trusted in Ophelia. Doesn’t bode well for the human versus machine wars predicted by the Singularity folks.



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