The Loft

Mabon                                                              Elk Rut Moon

All the books are off the floor and shelved. Not finally organized, but shelved! My crude tool, measuring the height of stacks, was accurate. I have some empty shelving, but some is always needed. The art will now come out of the boxes and from the house to be hung.

A large number of bankers boxes that contain research for various projects and manuscripts, notes and other material for all my novels, my go downstairs into the garage for storage. The final configuration of the loft, where the reading area will be, where my computer and desk will sit, is not finally determined, but will be in the next week or so.

Jon has the walnut lumber we bought at Paxton’s and has begun to turn it into cabinet tops for the low shelving. Walnut and birch should be beautiful together. He’s also creating a top for my art cart/research table.

This space reflects my Self, my soul, if you will. It feels as if I enter a spacious version of my mind when I come up here. Kate saw this in her mind’s eye when she first saw this place on Shadow Mountain. Now it’s becoming a reality.

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