Returning to Ordinary Time?

Mabon                                                                     Elk Rut Moon

Today may be the end of cancer season, at least for a while, if not permanently. I have my ultra-sensitive PSA back and it came in at .015. The standard after a prostatectomy is .2 PSA antigens to declare a patient cancer free. At my appointment today, the last scheduled one after the July 8th surgery, we’ll discuss this finding and any further steps.

There are still sequelae. I’m not done with returning my continence to normal. I mention this not to make you squeamish dear reader, but as a service to anyone reading this as they consider their options for prostate cancer. I’m mostly ok, but stress incontinence is still an issue.

Cancer season, if this is the day I’m declared cancer free, will have run from April 14th to September 25. Six and a half months. Still feels brief, almost unreal. Definitely surreal. The Roman Catholic liturgical calendar refers to the bulk of the year, that not occupied with religious holidays, as ordinary time. I want to return to ordinary time. Perhaps that will happen today.

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