A Tiny Rant About Gas

Samhain                                                                           Moon of the First Snow

The moon hung right between Orion’s shoulder blades when I got up this morning, a quiet wonder. Now it sits, a daytime moon, above the peak of Black Mountain, a ghost of its luminous night time presence.

Filled up with gas today and with our King Sooper discount bought gas for $1.69 a gallon. $1.69. A long time ago when I saw those numbers flash by on the gas pump. People are joyous about this, economists say it portends well for the Christmas shopping season.

I say bah, humbug. Cheap gas is something we don’t need. Dearer gas, gas the price of which includes the externalities of its destructive extractors and processors, pricey gas, that’s what we need. Just like we need costly coal and kerosene. Even natural gas should cost more. The methane leaks from shale oil fields are contributing a distressing amount to global warming, making natural gas a less friendly transition fuel.

Word from our solar folks that the panels may go on as soon as the week before Thanksgiving. That’s good news because it means we’ll have less chance of not getting our net meter installed before January 1st, the cutoff for the onerous demand charges about to be instituted by our friendly mountain electric company.

Today, like Saturdays across this land, has been and continues to be one of errands and small projects. Groceries gotten. Light bulbs replaced. Boxes moved.

Kate’s painting the pony wall in her sewing space because it’s something she can do one handed. Not being able annoys her, makes her mad at her green casted hand. Only three more weeks.

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