Good Weather, Bad Weather

Spring                                                                            Maiden Moon

Exercised last night for the first time after the cortisone injection. Much better, not twinge free, but almost. This is hopeful to me, suggesting I may have, at least for a while, a means of calming the arthritis in my knee. Until it was gone, I didn’t realize how much pain and discomfort my knee had caused in my whole leg. Better living through chemicals.

There are different metrics everywhere for what constitutes good and bad weather. More snow on the way today here and more in the forecast for next week. All this is good news for the snowpack and for wildfire suppression, at least for now.  Even the dreaded hurricane has good news, too. It serves an important meteorological function, distributing fresh water over large swaths of land. I’ve not see a positive remark about tornadoes and having lived around them for a third of my life I can’t come up with one on my own. Drought seems to be like tornadoes. No good word for excessive dryness. The monsoons and their torrential rains are seen as a blessing in India.

Heavy snow in Colorado is usually a good thing, even if it causes traffic snarls and power outages. In Minnesota really heavy snow could be an inconvenience for a long time.

If the worst should come to pass, and I’m convinced it won’t, and Trump or Cruz becomes president, going to Canada or elsewhere won’t be a real option. Either of these guys would need to be fought and those of us with time and inclination will be needed. I still see no reason to doubt that Trump will get the Republican nomination-and break the party as he does-and Hillary will both get the Democratic nomination and win the presidency. Still.