Whispering Wind Designs

Spring                                                                                Maiden Moon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADrove to Golden today to meet Jerry of Whispering Wind Designs. He had my birthday present finished and we agreed to meet at the Golden Diner for breakfast. Jerry has the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen on a guy. Movie star twinkly. With his weathered face from years as an airplane mechanic and his long gray hair swept back into a ponytail the teeth and his direct gaze gave him an intensity I had not expected.

His work shows a craftsman’s attention to detail. The legs on the table, for example, are made from four pieces of knotless beetle killed pine, then fitted together with tongue and groove joinery. The surface, coated with an industrial quality sealant, retains the slightly wavy grain of the bluish wood, a color given by the progress of the beetle as it kills the tree, and the ends have a curved piece of pine joined to the main body of the table.

Supporting craftspersons and artists means there will be a next generation of makers. When I can, I prefer to buy this kind of product. He’s going to give us a bid on benches and a table plus four chairs for our dining area.