I May Fire-up the Chainsaw

46  bar steady 1mph SSW windchill 46

    Waxing Crescent Moon of Winds

Kate and I developed a plan to repay the extra money we spent in Hawai’i.  It was the first joint trip we’d taken in a long time and we reverted to some old, looser behaviors.

We had our business meeting and planned when to fix the red car, posted for the last three weeks (a pain) and decided how to move money around for the new exercise area TV.

My two tours for tomorrow are put together and I’ve only got a bit more to do on the Weber tour.  Then I should be able to move to the hydroponic set-up and to more careful reading of the Permaculture book. 

The gardener in me wants to get outside and do something so I may fire up the chain saw over the weekend.  There are plenty of buckthorns to trim.  The weed wrench can pluck them out of the ground once the soil thaws.