Back to the Shang Dynasty

31  bar rises 30.24 4mph ENE dewpoint 13

             Full Moon of Winds

A visit to the dermatologist.  Oh, boy.  Talk about quick.  He looked at my elbows, looked at my knees, looked at my face.  He said don’t use the steriods too much–I never do–and give yourself a week vacation from them every three weeks–new information–and come back in a year.  Good-bye.  Wish all medicine was as clear and effecient.

I’ve begun my reading on Chinese bronzes.  I’d forgotten that the early bronzes imitated ceramic shapes and decoration and were then superceded by painted lacquer and, eventually, stimulated ceramic imitations. 

Received an invitation to the Chinese New Years dinner that the Chinese CIF folks put on each year.  I love to go because it gives me a chance to reconnect with my CIF friends.  This year I hope to get a tutor in Chinese pronounciation from among them.

This event will be in the Lauderdale City Hall.  Lauderdale is a blip on the geography of the Twin Cities located between 280 and the UofM golf-course on Larpenter.  And it has city hall.  Imagine.

Well, back to the Shang dynasty.

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