Shang, Zhou and Kam Wong’s

Written By: Charles - Mar• 21•08

30  bar steady 30.13 6mph NE dewpoint 28  Spring

                        Full Moon of Winds

After a morning among the bronze vessels of the Shang and their piece-mold casting technique, Kate and I went out to Kam Wong’s.  Kam Wong’s is a local Chinese restaurant.  It was here when we moved to Andover fifteen years ago this July and has survived the arrival of more Oriental restaurants and chain restaurants.  I like to eat there to support local, non-chain food.  The food is the usual Americanized version with lots of chop suey, chow mein and egg foo young.  It is interesting, though, that one of the serving dishes, the one with the foot and a bowl on top with a cover, is a direct descendant of one of the Shang dynasty ritual bronze vessels.

Up stairs for a nap, then into the Zhou dynasty bronzes.

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