Beltane                                                           Moon of the Summer Solstice

stacksSwipes forehead with bandana. Since May 20th wildfire mitigation has been an almost daily project. Today, June 14th, I stacked the final logs, trying to place them so that if a wildfire occurs before Seth and Hannah can claim them, they won’t literally add fuel to the fire. So, as of today, I’m declaring the fire mitigation I began last fall over. For now.

stacks2There are other matters to address. The limbs on remaining trees, screens on our vents and clearing needles out of the gutters, but those are not for right now. Today I’m celebrating the finish line for a major chunk of work.

That garage is next. Finally bringing an organizing hand to the last remaining bastion of post-move chaos. A few niggling inside matters, too. Room for a good bit more work there, but all in its own time.

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