No longer the first thing I think about. Yeah.

Winter                                                                         Cold Moon

A knee note. The last few visits of physical therapy are near. They’re working with me now on post p.t. workouts. Specifically, how I can avoid damaging my knee while strengthening my legs. Pretty much common sense. No deep squats, no torquing the knee, no exercises that weaken the back in anyway. Core work.

I felt silly asking about this today, but I did. How do I build back my cardio? I asked because I’d begun to get back to it, then pushed myself too fast and began to resist doing it at all. Slowly. That’s the ticket. First, 3 days a week. Then, either add a day at the same pace or increase by 10/20%. Oh. I was going for six days a week and kicking the time up five minutes at a whack. No wonder I was resisting.

Overall, the knee is great. Hardly any pain. I often forget now that I had the work done. Well, often might be a stretch, but I do have times when I forget. And that’s a good thing.