Welcome, North Pole Air Mass!

Winter                                    Waning Moon of Long Nights

Each year around this time we begin to get the full slump of arctic air, air not held back by the jet stream or weather nwsc1410patterns here in the upper lower 48.  Turns out it’s cold up there at the north pole even with global warming.  That means we get these stretches of what people in Sun City would call cool weather.

Right now the trend is up.  The low last night was -16.  This does not,  however, qualify as a grab the beach towels and sunscreen sort of warm up.  Nope, this is a Minnesota heat wave where cars start again, that kid with his tongue on the lamp post might be able to get free and ma can slide the clothes off the line since the clothes pin will open again.  It’s not so much of a warm-up that Ole has to bring his pick-up in off the lake or that Peder has to give up on that snowmobiling idea.

The trend, to be more accurate, is up briefly, then back down again.  Oh, well.