Food, Tea, More Food, Nap, Food

Winter                                      Waning Moon of Long Nights

Kate and I had our business meeting, checking this box and that, doing those things couples need to do to keep life solid and sane.

Afterward, we saddled up the old Tundra and drove her over to the Maple Grove shopping area where we made investments in food:  12 qt. stock pot, melamine mixing bowls, a scraper or two, some coffee and dish towels.  I also purchased bulk tea at Tea Vana, but was disappointed to learn that they no longer carried my long time favorite:  lapsang souchong.  The kind guy behind the counter found a bit extra for me from his private stash.

After lunch at Biaggia’s we drove home for our nap, from which I just got up.  Next on the day’s agenda, drive into the Red Stag and eat dinner.  Do you see a pattern here?