Samain and the Crescent Moon of the Thinned Veil

Monday gratefuls: Kep and Rigel. My friends. That crescent Moon with Mercury nearby. In the morning fog. Aunt Hecate and the Weird Sisters. BJ in her Queen of the Night costume. In Rebecca’s mink stole. LOL. Gabe and his very big hair as Bob Ross. Ruthie as the invisible woman. My costume, all made by Kate. Arlo the Almost Magnificient. The veil itself. The Otherworld. Celtic myth and lore. Religion.

Sparks of joy and awe: The Crescent Moon of the Thinned Veil in fog

Tarot: The Three of Pentacles


The Saga of Roger. As some of you may know, Roger spirited himself away from me at Gaetano’s. Or, perhaps, a latter Smaldone snatched him. Maybe I should check Bobby the Fence? Anyhow, even after a C note reward, his disappearance remains a mystery. A $1,400 mystery. Until yesterday evening I had decided to pull up my big boy pants and spend another $1,400. I like the Roger.

But. The Samsung washer, always a bit crazy, has gone full bore loon. On occasion it would show an error, but one I could eliminate by repeated pushing of the off and on button. A bit of a hassle, but NBD. Over the last six months the periods of crazy have far outstripped the times of working. Call a repair guy you might say. Sure. But this is the electronics, the motherboard and all its little washer chilluns. A repair guy told us, way back when Kate began complaining about it, that the only fix is a $900 replacement electronics unit. Still true. And the washer is now 7 years old.

Consumer Reports, oh, Ouija of the appliance world, tell me what washer I should buy. Yeah. It’s down to that. I have a load of towels and sweatshirts in the washer, but over the last day plus I’ve not been able to convince the damned thing to do its job.

Tired of it. So, instead of a Roger, I’m going to get a new washer. I know about the Roger now and perhaps I’ll get one in the future, but for now I’m going to eat my loss and move on. To cleaner clothes. Done. New LG on the way from Best Buy. Delivery November 8th. Seoah, ever the wise Korean consumer, told Kate and me that Samsung makes great phones and terrible appliances, LG is the reverse. After losing a Samsung dryer and washer to strange issues, I’m following daughter-in-law wisdom. And, Consumer Reports.

Next up. Medicare advantage policy and home owners insurance. At 9 am I talk to Julie Freshman again. I’m leaving New West Physicians and probably the particular AARP plan I have. Got to set that in motion. This morning.

Later, I’m going to contact an independent insurance agent to get quotes on home and car insurance. Traveler’s boosted my home insurance into the stratosphere, $4,500. Car’s high, too. While Kate was sick, I just didn’t have the energy to go after better rates. I do now. This week or next.

This all Malkut, pentacles work. Here and now, this reality. Physical stuff.

Three of Pentacles

“Meaning: Work flourishes as you build on previous efforts. The skilled use of matter and intelligence to create works of beauty and value…Work may still need to be done but support is at hand.” DCB

Mini-splits recommended by Tom and his colleague. Kitchen remodeling help from Jodi and Mike. Consumer Reports and Seoah for appliances. Marina Harris for house cleaning. Years of experience managing domestic matters also in there. Julie on Medicare insurance. An independent agent to check on insurance.

As Tom said yesterday, these are life infrastructure matters. And, it pays to have good agents for them. Pentacles, the suit of earth, of stuff happening here and now.

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