A Twilight Thought. Wednesday.

Samain and the Decided Moon


I did it. Went right through that P.E.T. scan with no grandpop’s little helper. Proud of myself. The machine made it easier, but not a cinch. The good news was that I could see behind me and in front of me just a bit. A sure avenue of escape. That was all it took to calm my worried mind. Not worried about cancer but of walls closing in, heat taking me, unable to figure a way out. First time I’ve confronted my claustrophobia successfully. At 75. Still.

This new scan is 500 times clearer than the axumin scan according to the imaging tech. Thank god they don’t bill by increase in resolution.

I drove back through Deer Creek Canyon to remind myself of the Consolation of Deer Creek Canyon. When Dr. Eigner confirmed my diagnosis in May of 2015, I made the same drive and found the age and majesty of the Mountains helped me gain perspective. Put my Mayfly life up against those other beings who travel this World’s path, too.

The scan was on the campus of Sky Ridge Hospital where I had my prostatectomy in July of 2015. That was a left turn on Ridgeway Drive. A right turn on Ridgeway drive takes to you to Anova Cancer Care, the place where I had my 35 sessions of radiation back in 2019. A lot of memories. My cancer spot in Colorado.

Feels like a journey of a thousand miles. Where am I on that journey? No idea. One scan. One pill. One appointment at a time. No other way, really.



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