And then, another escape!

Spring                                    Full Awakening Moon

I spent a good part of today carrying former split rails from their storage place to positions along the bottom of our chain link fence facing north.  After I placed them one by one, end to end, I took out a roll of baling wire–it really is an all elecfence09purpose fix it tool, like duct tape–snipped off 12-18 inches pieces and wired the rails to the fence line.  At some point while I had this task underway, Vega came out and sat down on my feet, not at them, between me and the fence.  She just wanted to help.

(pic:  this electric fence is still working.)

After moving and wiring, I let the dogs out for the afternoon because I have a meeting tonight in the city.  So, I’m reading my e-mail, I look up and there going past the patio door is Kona.  Uh-oh.  If Kona’s out, where are the big dogs?  I moved upstairs,  fast, got to the deck, only to see Vega and Rigel  both standing there, looking around.  In this instance Kona had removed the board I used to block the gate from the fence to the lower perennial garden, the one right outside where I work on matters like e-mail, etc.

So, on the first nice day of spring, both of my inmates who tend toward escape have tested the system and found it wanting.  Geez.  What will next week bring?

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