From Bee Hives to Art Galleries

Written By: Charles - Jul• 08•10

Summer                                            Waning Strawberry Moon

Today I’m back to the world of art.  The bees will work on now until next week without me.  Probably what they prefer.

A tour today on my new tour day, Thursday.  I have a group from Salem Covenant Church.  They wanted to see the Matteo Ricci map and the Old Testament prints.  Based on that I decided to take them on a tour of art at the time of Matteo Ricci and the late Ming dynasty.

We will see a Ming dynasty painting, Towering Mountains and Fantastic Waterfalls, the Wu family reception hall and then move upstairs to the Old Testament prints.  We’ll finish with Morales’ Man of Sorrows and Honthorst’s Denial of St. Peter.  The late Ming dynasty coincided with the Counter-Reformation and Reformation era in Europe.

Later on, Sheepshead.

Oh.  My ear.  Much better this am.  Thanks.

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